FEMA update on recovery efforts from Louisiana flood

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced today an extension to the grace period for expiring flood insurance policies, the latest in a series of actions to support the state in its ongoing response and recovery efforts in Louisiana.

National Flood Insurance Program policies typically have a 30-day grace period for renewal to avoid a lapse in coverage. Due to the record flooding, the period to renew policies is extended to 120 days. Today’s action extends the grace period to policies ending Aug. 11 through Sept. 10 and applies to the 20 declared parishes.


In addition, FEMA issued more than $15 million in advanced flood insurance payments to Louisianans who sustained damages.

Those who have active insurance claims, or have uninsured or underinsured losses, are still encouraged to register for FEMA assistance. Families with flood claims may still be eligible for rental assistance that is not already provided through flood insurance.



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