Groups Urge Oklahoma Senator Mullin to Hold PBMs Accountable

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have become a hot topic in the healthcare industry, with many organizations calling for transparency and accountability in their business practices.

The American Senior Alliance has joined forces with patient and physician organizations to urge Oklahoma's Senator Markwayne Mullin to take action on PBMs to ultimately lower the cost of medications for patients. 

Currently, three PBMs control over 80% of the prescription drug marketplace, creating policies that impede patient access to necessary medications while raising prices and pocketing profits. This has led to significant disparities in pricing, particularly for those with chronic conditions who are paying nearly double what their insurer is paying for lifesaving medication.

Read our joint letter urging Senator Mullin to take action to address the issues surrounding PBMs. We look forward to working with Congressional leaders to ensure access to innovative, affordable medications.


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