Hamilton County, TN financial experts & prosecutors working to protect the elderly from fraud

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — A national survey finds senior citizens need more financial fraud protection. Financial experts and prosecutors in Hamilton County are doing their part to protect the elderly.

At the East Ridge Residence retirement center, residents are enjoying an afternoon playing bingo. A national survey shows senior citizens need more financial fraud protection. Chris Hopkins, an investment managers at Barnett and Company, says they have not seen too many incidents, but they are familiar with the problem.

“We know seniors are probably the most vulnerable population in terms of financial fraud because they have accumulated assets. They are on a fixed income. They depend upon those assets to live,” Hopkins said.

Financial experts say as we age, it can be difficult to make judgments about people.

“Seniors tend to be a little bit more trusting for one thing, right they tend to let people in, maybe who they shouldn’t. They tend not to be rude. They don’t like to hang up on solicitors,” Hopkins said.

The survey found awareness about this problem is increasing.



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