High pressure scammers targeting senior citizens to buy COVID testing kit

There’s a warning in Madison County, Illinois about a phone scam targeting senior citizens, saying they need to buy a COVID-19 testing kit.

According to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, the caller claims to be a contact tracer and tells a senior citizen they have been exposed to COVID-19 and that they need to buy a test kit. The caller has a very aggressive high-pressure approach.

“They are going to prey on our vulnerabilities and our fears,” said Captain Kristopher Tharp, Madison County Sheriff’s Department. “They’re going to place urgency on that particular moment to try to get you to send money while you’re on the phone and they’re going to usually say threat of arrest and some type of a fine that will be imposed for not following through.”

Tharp says they know of a few senior citizens who have received the scammer calls but they suspect hundreds of people have been contacted.

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