It's Our Duty to Complete the Census: The Clock is Ticking

Have you fulfilled your civic duty to complete the 2020 Census?

If not, you still have time, but the  September 30th deadline is fast approaching. If you haven't submitted the Census survey, it only takes  5-10 minutes. There is no more time for procrastinating, it's time to get it done. Nick Saban, one of the most successful college football coaches of all time is known for telling his players, “do your job and trust the process.” After winning 6 National Championships, he must know what he is talking about.   If we expect to improve as a community, state or country, we must do our job of completing the Census and trust the process.

If we do our job and trust the Census process, good things will happen in our communities and state.  These are a few reasons why it is absolutely vital that seniors and others complete the short Census:

  • Congressional seats
  • Roads
  • Schools
  • Housing
  • Hospitals
  • Planning for nursing homes and those with disabilities
  • Forecasting transportation for all segments of the population
  • Medical research
  • Social programs

A recent AP story showed the Southeast as having low response rates with Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi being in the bottom five. Giles Ward, a former Mississippi state Senator said, “the state could receive about $5000 per person, per year, from the federal government for various programs.  There is a great deal of money at stake, but we must show the federal government through our Census response. Many of these programs are for seniors to help extend their quality of life.

Many of the Governors across the nation are encouraging their residents to complete the Census.  Alabama Governor Kay Ivey acknowledged the challenges, but crystallized the message for all of us when she said it best, “It is now or never.”  There is still time left in the game to complete the Census and fulfill our civic responsibility.  However, time is short.  

Thankfully we are still in the game, but there are only 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter.  It is time for us to do our job and trust the process. The results are the keys to our future and even more federal money. Approximately $675 billion per year will be distributed through federal programs based on the census data.  Our children and seniors are counting on us to win the 4th quarter.


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