Seniors Will Benefit From Moderate Physical and Mental Activity During COVID-19

Over the last few months, we have written blog posts about our health care heroes and the many others who have made life easier for our older Americans.

We have also written about gardening during the pandemic to keep our older adults physically healthy and discussed the importance of having a positive mental attitude for everyone as we navigate the pandemic. The experts have told us it is vital to keep our minds and bodies sharp as we fight back against the worst pandemic in our nations history, COVID-19.

It is very important for us all to respect ourselves and each other as we continue to wade through the coronavirus challenge.  Please continue to follow the doctor's orders and wear your mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands for 20 seconds to stay healthy. In addition to staying healthy during COVID-19, these 4 activities can help you feel better mentally and physically all year.

  • Strength Training- both men and women lose muscle mass as they age.  The Mayo Clinic reports  muscle mass can protect your joints and cam strengthen your bones to prevent fractures while improving balance. Using light weights and bands can help you accomplish your goal.
  • Tai Chi-if preformed regularly tai chi can be a positive part of improving your health. According to the Mayo Clinic, tai chi may improve flexibility, balance and agility.  It may improve muscle strength, increase stamina and decrease stress, anxiety and decrease depression. 
  • Walking-whether you are indoors or outdoors, walking is highly recommended by most health experts. Walking helps prevent cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.  Even if it is just walking to the mailbox, there are so many healthy benefits derived from wearing out a little shoe leather.
  • Arts and Crafts-in addition to reducing stress and anxiety, arts and crafts are good for creating mind clarity. Seniors will benefit greatly from arts and crafts increasing brain productivity, improving self-esteem and reducing the effects of serious health conditions.

It is always a good idea to stretch before workouts to prevent any injuries.  In addition to preventing injuries, stretching helps warm up your muscles prior to exercising.  No need to fall into the trap of laying on the sofa all day long watching television.  Whether you live alone or with a caregiver, it is fantastic for your mind and body to establish a consistent exercise and strength training program.  The experts say it will go a long way improving mobility and preventing falls.


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