A side hustle may be the perfect way to boost your retirement income

I’m a big believer in having multiple streams of income. And for those heading into retirement or already retired, a side hustle in the gig economy may just be what you need to boost your savings.

In the “gig economy,” people work as freelancers, contractors or temps. Often the paychecks are steady and retirement benefits don’t come with the gig. Yet, it’s this way of working that can help boost an anemic retirement account or increase the income of a retiree.

By 2020, more than 40 percent of the workforce will consist of people working in the gig economy, according to a report from Intuit.

This isn’t just for folks who want to be their own boss. Increasingly, even workers with full-time salaried jobs are relying on side hustles, according to a report (“Gig Economy and the Future of Retirement”) by online investment firm Betterment.

“The gig economy ushered in a new way of working, which in turn has ushered in a new way of retiring,” the Betterment report said. “Whether they’re full-time gigers or side-hustlers, today’s workers don’t feel they can save enough for retirement. They’re often saddled with debt or lacking traditional employer-sponsored retirement plans, and intend to turn to gig jobs to supplement or even replace traditional retirement savings.”



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